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What Are the Age Restrictions for Getting Laser Hair Removal?

Most women and men spend hours of their lives maintaining their body hair. Much of our time is spent grooming, especially since our lives are so fast-paced. With hair removal, it’s always a race to beat the clock and get started with your treatments as soon as possible to get ahead of the issue, but what are the laser hair removal age restrictions you need to know about?

Laser Hair Removal Age Restrictions Explained

The short answer is that anyone at any age can receive a laser hair removal treatment, and the best time to schedule your treatment is as soon as you realize you have unwanted body hair. Those over 18 are free to sign up for laser hair removal on their own, but those under 18 will require a parent’s permission to schedule an appointment.

Tips for Underage Candidates

Although laser hair removal has no age restrictions, there are reasons why it’s essential to speak with a parent or guardian before choosing to undergo this treatment. It’s a good idea to understand the underlying causes of hair growth. For young women, the hormones associated with puberty can cause hair to grow in male patterns, such as on the face.

Once a young woman begins her menstrual cycle, the hormones tend to even themselves out. This is why many hair removal experts highly recommend waiting before scheduling an appointment to rule out the possibility of hormonal hair growth. Other common underlying reasons for excessive hair growth in young women include polycystic ovary syndrome or congenital adrenal hyperplasia. These are common ailments, so consult your primary healthcare physician to rule them out.

Understanding Laser Hair Removal

This treatment may seem simple in concept and execution, but a lot more goes into a treatment session than you might expect. Many people have questions about hair removal, such as how it feels, how long a typical treatment session takes, and how long the results last. Most people report feeling no discomfort during a treatment session, and practices can use topical numbing gels for patients with sensitive skin.

The laser vaporizes each hair follicle using concentrated heat when using lasers for hair removal. An appointment session length will vary greatly depending on what areas of the body the patient has unwanted hair. An appointment that focuses solely on removing facial hair may take no more than 15 minutes, but a full-body hair removal session can take over an hour.

The Results

Patients typically see up to a quarter of the hair removed from the target area per session, and most laser hair removal patients need more than one appointment. No downtime is required after your treatment session so that you can return to your day.

Patients with sensitive skin may notice redness at the treatment site, which will dissipate within a few days. To ensure your results, it’s best to avoid prolonged direct exposure to the sun’s UV rays and skip the tanning bed temporarily. Your laser hair removal expert will provide thorough aftercare instructions unique to your situation. Ensure you carefully follow any post-laser hair removal guidelines for the best results.

Why Do I Need Multiple Sessions?

Hair removal techniques are most effective when the hair is actively growing. Our hair follicles start with the anagen stage, move on to the catagen stage, and finish with the telogen stage. Of the three steps, only the anagen stage involves physical growth. This means hair removal works best when follicles are in their initial stage, and that’s only a third of the hair follicle’s lifespan.

Since we have millions of follicles at different stages, not all grow hair simultaneously. This is why multiple appointments are necessary for virtually hairless results. Many people believe those with darker, thicker hair will need more appointments than those with fine, light-colored hair, but the opposite is true. This is because the laser primarily targets the pigment of the hairs, and darker hairs have more melanin.

Finding the Top Laser Hair Removal Spa

The sheer number of practices that offer hair removal services and claim to be the best can be overwhelming for consumers, so we did the work for you and researched countless methods to pick out the top spas among them. For more information, click here for an example of a practice offering superior service at an unbeatable value.

Say Goodbye to Body Hair

Now that you know the nuances of laser hair removal age restrictions, you can explore your candidacy. Remember that the best candidates will have a clear understanding of what a hair removal session entails, as well as realistic expectations of the results.

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