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About the Editor and Founder, Bio Photo

Isabelle Karamooz


Isabelle is the passionate founder and CEO of French Quarter Magazine, a dynamic media outlet based in the heart of Las Vegas, Nevada. Residing in Las Vegas for many years, she is a proud UC Berkeley alumna who actively participates in the UC Berkeley Alumni Las Vegas Chapter. As a former French instructor at UNLV and CSN, she showcased her commitment to education and cultural exchange.


Her visionary leadership has led to remarkable achievements, including securing the prestigious 10th position in the Best 30 France Magazines 2024 ranking by This esteemed recognition places French Quarter Magazine among illustrious publications such as Le Monde, Vanity Fair Magazine, and France-Amérique Magazine.


Driven by her unwavering dedication to storytelling and cultural exchange, Isabelle's leadership at French Quarter Magazine transcends conventional boundaries. As the Publisher, she curates an eclectic mix of content, serving as a media strategist, content creator, and adept interviewer. From uncovering the latest fashion trends to revealing hidden culinary gems, chic accommodations, and must-visit attractions across Paris, Las Vegas, L.A., the Big Apple, and Chicago, Isabelle provides invaluable insider recommendations to her readers. She enjoys experimenting with and experiencing everything she shares with passion.


Originally from Versailles, France, Isabelle acts as a bridge, connecting diverse communities across Southern Nevada and beyond. Beyond her role at French Quarter Magazine, Isabelle is a passionate advocate for diversity, fostering connections between people.


Her impact extends beyond the media landscape. She organizes various events in Las Vegas, promoting local art galleries, restaurants, cafes, and engaging lectures on historical topics.

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