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Winter Special Edition 2024 featuring Henderson's Mayor, Michelle Romero

2024 Winter Special Edition

Exclusive insights from Henderson's Mayor, Michelle Romero

Paris 2024 Olympics in the Making

2023 Special Edition featuring Stephane Bern, Surya Bonaly, and Jessie Bonneau

2023 Special Edition

Breaking Boundaries and Winning Medals: The Incredible Stories of Surya Bonaly and Jessie Bonneau

The Psychology of Everything French is Je Ne Sais Quoi!

2022 Special Edition featuring Chef Alain Ducasse

2022 Special Edition

The Grand Masked Ball

Interview with Myriam Larnaudie-Eiffel

Interview with Chef Alain Ducasse - 21 Michelin Stars


2020-2021 Special Edition

The Museum of Carnival Arts

KA: An Epic Show in Las Vegas

Interview with Award Winning Scriptwriter, Cyril Gély

2019 Special Edition featuring Pierre Cardin, Chef Guy Savoy, and Interview with Mari Landers

2019 Special Edition

Renaissance Man Pierre Cardin Delights Us!

Chef Guy Savoy - Las Vegas

Interview with Mari Landers, Sax 5th Avenue's VP & GM

2018 Special Edition featuring The Moulin Rouge and The Eccentric Life of Countess Castiglioni

2018 Special Edition

The Moulin Rouge A Dinner Show in the French Cancan

A Three Month Road Trip For Two Across the U.S.

The Eccentric Life of The Countess Castiglioni

2017 Special Edition featuring Chloe Flower, Line Renaud, and The Cartier Expansion to the West

2017 Special Edition

Chloe Flower - Keys to a Legacy

Cartier and the Expansion to the West

Line Renaud - Deux Amours

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