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Parisian event business networking mingling

Let’s brainstorm specific touchpoint and discuss what we’d like to circulate our event around. Send us an email directly to with your suggestion.

Are you considering hosting an event with a partner like French Quarter Magazine in the future?

Creating events on your own can be fun, but working with other companies and brands you trust can turn things up a notch – not just for your company, your organization, but for clients and members too!

Merging together with other companies and organizations is great to give clients and members an extra element of value. It’s also a way for you to get acclimated with companies and organizations that have similar values and missions to your business. After all, if we’re all striving towards a similar goal, there’s no reason we shouldn’t be working together to make a great collaborative event and it can be a fun experience for everyone involved.

French Quarter Magazine is looking forward to planning a collaborative event with you!

Saks Fifth Avenue in Las Vegas did a fabulous event in partnership with French Quarter Magazine. Held in their Designer Salon at the store, guests were greeted with champagne Bellinis, a charcuterie spread and live guitar music. Nearly 100 fashionable magazine supporters gathered and watched models sporting the latest trends of the seasons through out the evening. Surprise guest were showcased singing French music and entertaining the crowd. It was a memorable evening for all.

Debbi Miles

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