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The Moulin Rouge Featured in Arizona Stars, The Latest Novel of Virna Lorentz

An unrivaled temple of entertainment, now the most legendary cabaret in the world, the Moulin Rouge has been shining brightly in the heart of Montmartre since 1889. Prodigious tops of the bill including the Dolly Sisters, Mistinguett, Joséphine Baker, Édith Piaf, Liza Minnelli and Line Renaud have all added their names to the illustrious list of celebrities who have performed on its famous stage.

To mark the release of her latest novel based on true events, the French author Virna Lorentz gave an interview to the French Quarter Magazine. As a citizen of the world splitting her time between Rio de Janeiro and the French Riviera, Virna provided us with a unique behind-the-scenes glimpse of her writing career, evoking her sources of inspiration, her life on the other side of the ocean, as well as the challenges of her ongoing and upcoming literary projects.

Arizona Stars, The Latest Novel of Virna Lorentz

Photo Credit: Virna Lorentz

In her novel Arizona Stars released on April 24, 2023 by the publishing company Éditions Maïa, Paris, Virna enjoyed turning the spotlight on the Moulin Rouge Féerie Revue show. Greg and Madison, the star couple, are about to separate, not sentimentally but geographically. After an enchanted fifteen-day break in Normandy, Madison reluctantly has to return to Las Vegas, back to her mundane life as a single woman. However, Greg is intent on making their last night together a truly momentous occasion. To do this, he blindfolds his sweetheart on the outskirts of Montmartre, until they reach the table he has booked at the Moulin Rouge, where a stream of talented performers takes center stage. Captivated, Madison watches the legendary revue coming to life before her starry eyes filled with wonder. The artistic explosion of every single performance is so powerful that it leaves spectators from all over the world dazzled and bewitched.

Arizona Stars, The Latest Novel of Virna Lorentz

Arizona Stars, The Latest Novel of Virna Lorentz

Photos Credit: Virna Lorentz

Virna Lorentz has seen the Féerie Revue three times. On her last visit, she was invited as a guest by the Communication and Marketing Director of the Moulin Rouge, when her novel Arizona Stars was released. The author honors the French Cancan and its dancers, the performers, acrobats, and fire breathers in several pages of her book. She also describes the elegant and supercharged atmosphere, steeped in history, symbolized by this mecca of Parisian nightlife. Virna Lorentz herself attended modern jazz dance classes at a dance academy for several years when she was a child. So, her passion for dance quite naturally lives on in her novels.

Arizona Stars, The Latest Novel of Virna Lorentz, Moulin Rouge

Photo Credit: Virna Lorentz

Discover an exclusive photo gallery dedicated to the Moulin Rouge on the official website of the author, At the epicenter of a literary and human adventure, an unbreakable bond has been created between the author, the cabaret, and the leading couple in Arizona Stars.

Arizona Stars is on sale on the official website of the Parisian publishing company, (shipping costs are free for any destination), as well as on,, and many other online stores.


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