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10 Amazing Facts That You Might Not Know About Gundam Universal Century 

The Gundam Universal Century, often abbreviated as UC, is a sprawling and iconic science fiction universe that has captivated fans for decades. Created by Yoshiyuki Tomino, the Universal Century serves as the primary setting for the Gundam franchise, offering a rich tapestry of stories, characters, and technological marvels.

While many fans are familiar with the core Gundam series like Mobile Suit Gundam and Zeta Gundam, there are numerous hidden gems and intriguing details that even the most die-hard fans might need to know.

This article delves deep into the Universal Century and uncovers 10 amazing facts to enhance your appreciation for this enduring sci-fi epic. 

1. The Universal Century

Though the Wing Gundam Zero UC timeline predominantly unfurls through animated series and films, it branches out into diverse media forms. Novels, manga, and video games present distinctive viewpoints, extra character nuances, and fresh interpretations of well-known occurrences.

Venturing into these expanded universe resources grants enthusiasts a richer comprehension of the UC timeline, revealing hidden facets and dimensions of this intricate narrative. Companies like Gundam Place Store are leading in selling original series and films

2. The Birth of UC 0001

The Universal Century calendar, the cornerstone of the Gundam UC timeline, commenced its count on January 1, 0001. This momentous date heralds the birth of the Universal Century epoch, laying the groundwork for the events unfolding throughout the series.

UC 0001 holds immense significance within this chronicle, serving as the inaugural year for humanity’s voyage into the cosmos and the commencement of space colony construction.

3. The Ongoing Timeline

The Universal Century timeline extends far beyond the boundaries of the original Mobile Suit Gundam series, encompassing a vast array of television shows, films, manga, novels, and video games. Moreover, it constantly evolves, regularly integrating fresh installments into its narrative tapestry. This ongoing expansion guarantees that the UC universe retains its vibrancy and is an ever-evolving playground for storytelling.

4. Charl Aznable’s

The mysterious and captivating Char Aznable, a figure of immense renown within the Gundam lore, is renowned for concealing his true identity behind a mask and an alias. Yet, beneath this enigmatic facade, his actual name emerges as Casval Rem Deikun. His intricate and multi-dimensional character contributes complexity to the UC storyline, as a relentless quest for retribution against the Zabi family fuels his motivations.

5. The Titans

In unfolding the Universal Century narrative, the Earth Federation initiates the creation of the Titans, a distinguished force entrusted with suppressing any threats to the Federation’s dominion. Nevertheless, their severe tactics and treatment of the space colonies catalyzed a significant upswell in anti-Federation sentiments, ultimately leading to new champions and the birth of a new generation of Gundam pilots.  

6. The turn of Gundam

Although the Universal Century timeline is celebrated for its intense and conflict-ridden narratives, it also intersects with The more fanciful and inventive turn of the A Gundam series.

Adding an unexpected twist to the storyline, the central character of Turn A Gundam, Loran Cehack, stumbles upon the revelation that the series unfolds in the far-off future of the Universal Century timeline. This surprising connection weaves together the diverse Gundam universes in an unprecedented and intriguing manner.

7. The colony Drop

One of the most harrowing events in the Universal Century unfolds as a colony drop, a deliberate act of crashing a space colony onto Earth, resulting in catastrophic devastation and immense loss of life.

The Mobile Suit Gundam series skillfully utilizes this tragic colony drop as a turning point in its storyline, steering the narrative in a profound and thought-provoking direction. This heart-wrenching episode serves as a sad testament to the far-reaching repercussions of warfare, leaving an indelible mark on the Gundam universe and reminding viewers of the enduring toll of conflict. 

8. The mobile suit development project

Within the Universal Century timeline, a pivotal theme revolves around the advancement of mobile suits—humanoid combat robots. The inception of the iconic RX-78-2 Gundam stands as a defining moment in military technology, igniting the era of mobile suit warfare.

The continuous development of these mechanical marvels and the ensuing arms race among various factions constitute a fundamental element of the UC narrative, shaping the course of its intricate storytelling.

9. New types

At the heart of the Universal Century lies the concept of New types, individuals whose evolution has gifted them with heightened psychic capabilities. New types occupy a substantial role in numerous UC series, symbolizing humanity’s future evolution. This captivating theme imbues the Gundam universe with a mystique and fascination as it delves into the boundless potential for humanity to transcend its inherent limitations.

10. The legacy of Amuro

Amuro Ray, the inaugural Gundam pilot from Mobile Suit Gundam, leaves an enduring imprint on the Universal Century timeline. His legacy ripples across subsequent series as his journey and the principles he personified shape the convictions of upcoming generations of Gundam pilots and leaders.

Amuro’s character development and transformation establish him as a pivotal figure within the UC narrative, a touchstone for the series’ evolving themes and characters. 


The Gundam Universal Century is a vast and intricate science fiction universe that continues to captivate audiences worldwide. From its humble beginnings in the original Mobile Suit Gundam to the ever-expanding lore found in novels, manga, and video games, the UC timeline offers a wealth of amazing facts and hidden details waiting to be discovered.

Whether you’re a longtime Gundam fan or new to the series, delving into these ten amazing facts will undoubtedly enhance your appreciation for the enduring and beloved world of the Universal Century. As the timeline continues to evolve, there are bound to be even more surprises and revelations awaiting fans, ensuring that the legacy of Gundam UC remains as timeless as the series itself.  


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