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What You Should Know About Dating in France

If you are planning to move to or visit France for a vacation, job, or educational opportunity, and you are also interested in dating and forging a romantic relationship with someone from the area, then we are here to help. While love is universal, there are many differences between dating in the U.S. and dating in France. Today, we will give you a crash course on the subtle differences between our two countries, what you might expect along the way, and how you can create a positive and meaningful relationship.

Photo Credit: The Paris Photographer from Unsplash

Try To Create Healthy Relationships

No matter where you plan to date in the world, it is important that you try to build a meaningful relationship. You know you are in a good relationship when you are able to show love and appreciation for one another and each other’s interests. It is also important that you communicate often and always express what is in your mind and heart. You should also make it a habit to try new things to continue to have a sense of adventure that keeps things fresh.

With that in mind, many people who have visited and dated internationally, including in France, have said that, sometimes, love there can feel like a revolving door. That is because many people who live abroad are there to work short-term work contracts, or they are learning abroad for a semester or a few years at most.

That is why it is important to have a conversation with a person you want to have a relationship with, where you share your true feelings and talk about your future. It is essential that you are honest about how long you will be in France and what you both plan to do if you need to leave the country. You also need to trust that your partner is being honest about what is coming up next in the future. If they are dishonest or lie once, they will likely do so again.

How A Date May Differ

If there is one thing that the French people truly admire, it is the food in this gorgeous country. Chefs spend years of their life learning the craft, and it becomes an art form of sorts. That is why many people in France enjoy a date at a great restaurant with a fabulous meal. A dinner date in France will be a bit different than it is in America. You can expect smaller portions, and you may find that your date may savor each bite more than you are used to, which means that a dinner date could go on for hours.

With all of that in mind, it is also worth researching some of the finest French restaurants. Establishments like Le Jules Verne and Bel Canto are famous for their amazing food and spectacular atmosphere, which will help you to have the romantic night of your life.

There will also likely be wine. If you really want to make a big impression, consider bringing a bottle of wine during a date or selecting a fine bottle from the wine menu at the restaurant. Since the French value wine so much, it is important not to buy the most inexpensive bottle you can find. Instead, take your time to choose the perfect product.

If you do not drink alcohol, then don’t feel pressured to do so. If the person you are dating truly cares about you and your feelings, they will not pressure you, and you can still have a great time. It is also worth mentioning that you drink in moderation. Excessive alcohol can affect different parts of your body in negative ways. If you drink a lot over several days, then it could affect your digestive system and cause acid reflux. In men, excessive drinking can also cause sexual dysfunction, which could also put a damper on your plans.

Photo Credit: Nong V from Unsplash

Dating In Groups

While there is always a chance that you will go on a one-on-one date in France, oftentimes, the ritual is a lot less formal. In fact, there isn’t even technically a word for “date” in the French language. Instead, it is typically known as ‘Rendez-vous Galant,’ or ‘appointment.’

Don’t feel bad. That French guy or girl may still be into you. However, instead of asking you to a restaurant for a private dinner, many French suitors prefer to go on group dates and enjoy a more laid-back experience than we are typically used to in the states. There will be plenty of laughing and getting to know each other, and the date may take place during a picnic or a walk through the park.

Also, do not be hurt or disappointed if you are not asked out in a random place by a waiter or stranger that you run across when you are out and about. In most cases, many French people will only ask you out on a formal date once they have gotten to know you a bit more. So, if you are looking to find a mate while in the country, you should find a way to join groups or clubs where you can create a group of friends. From there, you can find that special someone.

As you can see, dating in France is a bit different than what we are used to in the states. If you find yourself in that wonderful country, then heed these tips, and you might find the perfect mate.

Hearder Photo Credit: Crystal Jo  de Unsplash


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