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What offbeat activities can you carry out in Kolkata city? 

Kolkata basically is a beauty to discover in itself, and as a typical holiday destination, everybody should visit it. In this way, people can carry out a lot of things in the city of Kolkata. To make sure that you will be paying good attention to enjoyment, proceeding with the booking in Kolkata 5 star hotel is a good idea. The following are some of the most important things that you can carry out in Kolkata city and have the best element of fun throughout the trip: 

1. Breakfast in Chinatown:

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The Chinatown of Kolkata provides people with many benefits in the form of authentic food items. You will be able to witness many fishermen preparing their fish and meat here so that things can be sorted out well. This concept successfully gives people a glimpse of life in Kolkata in terms of hundreds of immigrant Chinese workers who always help give people out-of-the-world experiences. From the fried momos to the steamed momos, everybody will be able to enjoy the best possible factor of support in terms of the best food items without any doubt. 

2. History tour at the Swami Vivekananda ancestral home:

It is very well believed that people cannot learn about other people until they revisit their childhood. Hence, people need to spend the relaxed afternoon going back in time to the ancestral place of the Swami Vivekananda, and ultimately, people will be able to enjoy exclusive benefits over here without any problem. This place allows people to absorb the energy and positivity of the house on the exploratory tour so that everybody can enjoy a lot. 

3. Visiting the old churches:

 Another significant activity you can carry out in this particular city is to have a good understanding of seeing the old churches so that you can remain busy for a few hours. Among the oldest possible surviving churches in Kolkata, a good number of options hold the stories of a long time gone by. This is one of the most important things to be carried out by individuals, and East India Company very well approved some of the construction projects. 

4. Proceeding with the boating at Babughat:

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People should spend time in the Babughat because this is one of the most important places in this particular city, and there is no hassle involved. The bonus point is that people can enjoy the boat ride for leisure, and ultimately, the overall views will be overwhelming. Capturing the best possible views of the settings, in this case, will be pleasantly helpful in providing people with an element of surprise, and ultimately, everybody will be able to enjoy a lot. 

5. Capturing of the sunset at the Balurghat:

Another significant place of worship you can visit here is the Belur Math area. It will provide people with the best possible benefits due to the presence of the temple, which will be an architectural marvel in itself. As the sun gradually sets, you should prepare your camera for a sight that will be behold for a lifetime. So, visiting this particular place is one of the most important decisions you should make to spend the best possible moments over here. 

6. Flower shopping at Mullick Ghat:

Visiting this place is an excellent idea because from the very first rays of the sun to midnight, this market will provide you with a lot of buzz. This place helps provide people with stunning benefits and ultimately helps in making sure that everybody can enjoy capturing the rising sun proficiently. 

7. Meditation at the Buddhist Monastery:

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Another significant activity that you should carry out in the city of Kolkata is to visit the monastery for meditation purposes. This particular place was built to spread Buddhism’s teachings in India, and the stunning artifacts associated with this place help provide people with the element of faith and trust. If you are interested in attending the prayers, reaching between 5 and 6:30 in the morning is a good idea to easily maintain sanctity by following the best possible practices associated with the Buddhist culture. 

8. Discovering these cultures of Kumortuli:

Another significant gem you must visit in Kolkata is this place. It will help provide people with beauty and color, which is beyond the expression of words. There are many things to be done in the city of Kolkata. Still, ultimately, this place will provide you with accessibility to the vibrant neighborhood along with the discovery of the exact vibe of exploring. This street is home to hundreds of artists, and any visit here can easily give people a natural retreat to the eyes. 

9. Satisfaction with the book form at College Street:

If you are a book lover, then definitely this place must be on the top of your bucket list because any walk-through of College Street will provide you the freedom to look at your favorites, and the best options of the book world will be providing you with a good number of benefits over here. You can successfully buy books from your favorite authors from here and spend the best time scanning them. 

Hence, planning a visit to the places mentioned above and ultimately planning your room booking into Kolkata 5-star hotel is an excellent idea for people so that everybody can enjoy a good number of areas and memorable traveling activities in the city. With this, you will be able to cherish the memories forever and ever. 

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