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Discover 10 Fascinating Facts about Vanuatu Before Your Travels Begin 

Within the South Pacific Ocean between Fiji and Australia lies an enclave nation of Vanuatu comprising approximately more than 80 islands located in almost 1000 kilometers stretch.

In Vanuatu, visitors can enjoy a tropical paradise with vibrant cultural traditions, beautiful natural sceneries, and a relaxed island lifestyle. Each island in Vanuatu is unique and different from the others, offering a volcanically and culturally active destination. Santo, the jungle-clad mountain, and Tanna, the black sand beaches, provide a variety of landscapes that ought to be explored.

Enjoy modern comfort in a calm environment away from crowds by visiting Vanuatu Island in the South Pacific, enriched with perfect tropical island escape, natural wonders, and cultural diversity that provides continual exploration.

This article lists ten fascinating facts about Vanuatu you must know.  


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1. A Passport to Opportunity

Through its Citizenship by Investment Program, a minimum contribution of $130,000 to Vanuatu’s economy allows you to apply for citizenship and receive a second Vanuatu passport. This opens up visa-free access to over 130 countries and territories worldwide. 

2. Bungee Jumping Was Invented in Vanuatu

The traditional practice of land diving or “naghol” on the island of Pentecost eventually led to the creation of modern bungee jumping.

For young Ni-Vanuatu men on Pentecost, performing their first land dive was a rite of passage into manhood that demonstrated their courage and strength. They would construct towering platforms, sometimes over 130 feet high, made from the strong wood of the Nahak tree. After making their way up via ladders made from vines, the young men would leap from the platforms with only a vine fashioned from the fibrous bark of the green bamboo tree tied around their ankles.

3. Volcanic Landscapes Abound

The volcanic landscapes that can be found throughout Vanuatu are genuinely breathtaking. With over 16 active volcanoes shaping its geography, volcanic activity has left its mark across the archipelago. This is more evident than on the islands where these giants still rumble and roar.  

On Tanna Island, Mount Yasur is one of the most accessible active volcanoes in the world. Visitors to Tanna are treated to a light and sound show like no other as Mount Yasur erupts throughout the night.

Lava fountains shoot hundreds of feet into the air, illuminating the dark sky in a bright orange glow. The ground trembles and rumbles as ash is emitted from the towering cone. Hiking to the rim of Yasur’s volcanic crater, visitors are given a front-row seat to the raw power of nature on display. The volcanic landscapes don’t end at Yasur, however. Ambrym Island is known as the “Island of Fire” due to the colorful volcanic lakes that dot its caldera.  

Vanuatu island volcano

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4. Relaxation Reigns Supreme

With a “slow down to our pace of life” attitude, Vanuatu offers visitors a welcome escape from stress. Island time means deadlines disappear as priority shifts to enjoying the simple pleasures of the beach, the water, and time with locals and other travelers.

5. Over 80 Islands to Explore

Stretching almost 1000 kilometers, Vanuatu consists of many islands with diverse landscapes. While some are mountainous, others hold rainforests or sandy beaches. Use island-hopping as your guide to experiencing the varied beauty of Vanuatu. 

Vanuatu island sea travel luxury

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6. The People Are Kind and Curious

Openness and friendliness to visitors are renowned virtues in Ni-Vanuatu. Regardless of the cultural diversity and more than 100 indigenous languages used on the island, visitors still receive a warm welcome and enjoy high-class hospitality from the locals. The love and welcoming of visitors are easily seen when the locals smile and wave at the visitors, making them make some stopovers to talk to them.

Their curiosity about other cultures matches their willingness to share parts of their rich heritage. Expect to be invited into people’s homes for a meal or cultural performance or to join in celebrations and ceremonies. The Ni-Vanuatu view hospitality as essential to their culture, helping visitors feel immediately at ease. Their kindness and interest in learning about others make it easy to form quick connections with people during even a short visit. The Ni-Vanuatu people’s warm, friendly, and open-hearted nature plays a significant role in travelers feeling welcome and wanting to return to Vanuatu repeatedly.

7. Pristine Reefs Teem with Sea Life

Over 1300 species of fish, sea turtles, dolphins, and manta rays reside in the pristine coral reefs and water bodies. There are world-class snorkeling and deep sea diving in coral reefs in Vanuatu, and this underwater scenery will inspire both beginners and professionals.

Vanuatu sea beach luxury travel

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8. Affordable Luxury Awaits 

The high-end resorts, social amenities, and boutiques are provided in Vanuatu in a pocket-friendly manner without interfering with quality. This provides the tourists with all the reasons to visit the island to enjoy the stunning locations with satisfactory amenities at an affordable price.

9. Cultural Traditions Thrive

There lies a solid cultural heritage on Vanuatu Island, ranging from traditional dances to fire-walking ceremonies. This cultural performance provides the visitors with a brief history and preferences of the Vanuatu people. 


10. English is Widely Spoken

English, the official language, has helped visitors feel comfortable communicating with the locals. Knowledge of the French language and Bislama has also been a boost, making independent exploration and learning from the locals easier than in other Pacific destinations.


Vanuatu, an archipelago nation in the South Pacific Ocean, provides visitors with a beautiful and culturally rich unique experience. The presence of volcanic landscapes, coral reefs, and welcoming locals are just a few reasons to visit the island. The area is untouched by mass tourism, thus providing an opportunity for exploration and lasting memories. 


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