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5 Best Coffee Shops In Perth For Breakfast

Exploring the bustling city of Perth can be a thrilling adventure, especially when you know the right places to fuel up for the day. The city is famed not only for its stunning beaches and exciting nightlife, but also for a growing café culture that will delight food-lovers. Should you find yourself wondering about the best coffee shops in Perth for breakfast, you will be pleased to know that the city is graced with a plethora of choices that offer diverse culinary experiences. From locations oozing with cozy, rustic charm to those buzzing with modern energy, according to the renowned travel blog Travel Media, Perth has it all. It is not surprising that the café scene in Perth is quickly making a mark as a foodie destination in Australia. Whether you are a local or a tourist, these coffee shops will offer you an authentic taste of Perth, and initiate you into an eclectic world of delightful tastes.

These experiences, combined with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, make these places the best Perth coffee shops for breakfast.

Voodoo Cafe

Just off the bustling main streets, nestled snugly amongst a cornucopia of local boutiques is a hidden gem of the gastronomical world. Invariably, it finds itself ranked highly among the best cafes in Perth, attracting both locals and tourists alike with a unique charm that exemplifies the city’s vibrant cafe culture. Known for its rustic setting and the mesmerizing scent of fresh-ground coffee, it promises a breakfast experience not to be forgotten quickly. The menu is an epicurean adventure, featuring a broad spectrum of Australian classics rendered with a fusion of diverse culinary styles. The bountiful selection and high-quality ingredients inevitably garner praise among critics and patrons. Among the many dishes boasting of daunting culinary sophistication and sheer deliciousness, particular favorites include the dreamy avocado toast and a comforting bowl of granola, both as eye-catching in presentation as they are rich in flavor. The coffee place not only upholds the reputation of the best cafés in Perth but also elevates the breakfast standards altogether.

Dôme Café

A visit to one of the world-renowned eskimo-themed venues of the Dôme group would not be complete without stepping into Perth specificity encapsulated in the Dôme Café. This iconic city café secures its place amongst the best coffee houses in Perth, offering a unique aesthetic appeal with an ubiquitous dome-shaped architecture, encapsulating the spirit of Perth’s diverse culture. Nestling in the heart of the city, Dôme Café caters to the discerning palate of coffee aficionados with their signature blends, each crafted to perfection. From the delicate aroma that gently wafts around as patrons step through the door to the last irresistible sip, the coffee experience is nothing short of extraordinary.

The delightful menu offers a healthy dose of comfort food along with more ambitious contemporary dishes. Exploring the Dôme Café is indeed, a culinary voyage into the soul of the city’s renowned restaurant scene.

La Veen Coffee

Situated on the energetic stretch of King Street, this well-known café is never void of its vivacious clientele. Enjoy a cup of house blend coffee while you immerse yourself in the hub of the city’s ever-radiating energy. Every brew at this establishment prepared by experienced baristas is an intricate symphony of flavors, ensuring a refreshing start to your morning. With aesthetics veering towards modern minimalist, it sets a tranquil ambiance for customers to enjoy their delectable breakfast options. Whether you’re a fan of classic bacon and eggs, or seeking something more adventurous like the crispy potato rosti, there’s something suitable for every type of foodie. You can also indulge in a variety of gourmet pastries. Fresh and locally sourced ingredients are what makes the dishes genuinely mouthwatering. All these elements are brought together by the friendly and accommodating staff, adding to the overall customer experience at this celebrated café.

The Glyde Cafe

Tucked away in the vibrant heart of Mosman Park, an inviting, friendly ambiance captivates those on the hunt for a breakfast getaway. Known for its warm atmosphere and delightful menu, it stirs the intrigue of locals and tourists alike. Its stunning greenery-enveloped exterior effortlessly blends into the equally cozy indoor features. It’s more than just a breakfast spot; it’s a go-to sanctuary for those craving a retreat while savoring their first meal of the day. Opt for the Eggs Benedict – a fan-favorite – or delight in the unique taste combination of the Avocado Smash with goat cheese and cherry tomatoes. Combine that with an album of meticulously brewed coffee options that will cater to any caffeine aficionado. The Glyde is not only known for serving excellent meals but also for its commitment to using locally-sourced ingredients.

This valiant commitment to the community and freshness is reflected in the rich flavor of every morsel served; it truly prides itself on offering quality in every bite. It’s a hidden gem, serving up great coffee, fresh flavorful food, and a relaxing atmosphere, the trifecta of a perfect breakfast outing.

Toast Cafe

Nestled in the heart of East Perth, this hidden breakfast gem is abuzz with caffeine-fueled chatter. Frequented by locals and tourists alike, it is a haven for authentic Australian breakfast. Running on the philosophy that the first meal of the day is the most important one, their menu reflects an array of impeccably plated dishes studded with local, organic ingredients. Putting a twist on the traditional favorites, their eggs Benedict, served with corn fritters and tangy hollandaise is an absolute crowd pleaser. For those skipping the meat, the granola with coconut yogurt is a must-try, inducing a tropical feel. The place practically thrives on its coffee culture mailing each cuppa with a distinct artwork that separates it from other cafes. With an inviting ambiance and friendly waiting staff, this cafe proves an excellent spot to kickstart the day.

Navigating the breakfast scene in Perth may feel a bit overwhelming due to the variety of options available. Outstanding cafes such as Voodoo Cafe, Dôme Café, La Veen Coffee, The Glyde Cafe, and Toast Cafe provide a delightful experience.

Whether it’s the bold and enchanting flavors offered by Voodoo Cafe or the classic charm of Dome Cafe, you’re in for a treat. The perfectly brewed coffee at La Veen, the idyllic setting of The Glyde, and the tasty delicacies at Toast Cafe make each of them a great choice to start your day. The breakfast in Perth is more than just a meal, it’s a culinary attraction that draws crowds. Being spoilt for choices can sometimes create indecision, but remember, trying different places across Perth can become an adventure of its own.

Let the journey blur the lines between nourishing your body and delighting your palate through an exploration of these splendid cafés. Be prepared to be amazed by the variety, quality, and the welcoming ambiance each place has to offer.


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