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Your Ultimate Guide to Visiting Paris During the 2024 Olympics

Planning to be in Paris for the 2024 Olympics? Whether you're still debating or have already booked your trip, here's everything you need to know to make the most of your time in the City of Light during this monumental event.

Paris 2024 Olympics

Last-Minute Accommodation & Olympic Ticket Deals

If you're hesitating about your visit or attending Olympic events, there's good news for budget travelers. In the past month, prices on hotel rooms and rental apartments have dropped by 15%-30% due to lower-than-expected demand, especially in the outer arrondissements of Paris. This is a boon for those looking for affordable stays during the games.

Accommodation Websites:

Moreover, more tickets for the Olympic and Paralympic events are released online every Thursday, even for previously sold-out events. Keep an eye on the official resellers' website.

Ticket Websites:

Getting Around Paris During the Olympics

Navigating Paris during the Olympics can be challenging due to numerous traffic interruptions from mid-July through September. However, the French Ministry of Transport has introduced two new tools to help residents and visitors avoid crowds and closures.

Paris 2024 Olympics

Key Periods of Restrictions

Paris will experience four main periods with specific restrictions:

  1. Set-Up Period (June 17 - July 18): Mild disruptions along the upper quays and bridges with reduced access along the lower quays as seating areas are erected.

  2. Pre-Opening Ceremony Lockdown (July 18 - 25): Strict restrictions with QR codes required for access along and close to the Seine.

  3. Opening Ceremony (July 26): Major closures along the Seine, requiring QR codes or tickets for access.

  4. Olympic and Paralympic Games (July 27 - August 11 & August 28 - September 8): Restrictions apply only to motorized traffic around specific venues during events.

Interactive Map for Avoiding Crowds

To help navigate these disruptions, the Ministry of Transport has created an interactive map available at Anticiper les Jeux. This map provides real-time information on road and metro station closures, traffic conditions, and crowded areas, making it easier for you to plan your routes.

Public Transport Enhancements

Public transport services will be expanded significantly during the games to accommodate the expected 10 million visitors. This includes more frequent trains on almost all lines, although ticket prices will be higher during this period. To avoid the surcharge, consider purchasing a Paris 2024 Pass, which offers unlimited travel for a set period:

  • 1 Day All Zones: €16

  • 7 Days All Zones: €70

  • 14 Days All Zones: €140

These passes can be bought through the Paris 2024 Transport Public app or the Paris 2024 Transport website.

Paris 2024 Olympics

Metro and Road Closures

Certain metro stations and roads will be closed or restricted:

  • Metro Station Closures (July 18 - 26): Several key stations within the SILT perimeters will be closed. Notable closures include Concorde, Tuileries, and Champs-Élysées – Clemenceau, among others.

  • Road Access: Restricted zones will apply to motorized vehicles, with exceptions for residents, business owners, and deliveries. QR codes will be necessary for access to secure areas.

Using Taxis and VTCs

While driving a personal vehicle is not recommended, taxis and VTCs like Uber are viable options. Note that VTCs have limited access compared to official taxis. Ensure you have contact details for official taxi services such as G7, Taxis Bleus, or Alpha Taxis which can navigate all zones without restrictions.

Paris 2024 Olympics

Special Event: The Opening Ceremony of the 2024 Olympics in Paris

Paris is breaking tradition by holding the Opening Ceremony along the Seine River, featuring a parade of 10,000 athletes on 94 boats. This unique event will have extensive security measures, including a 6-kilometer secured perimeter requiring QR codes for access.


Paris during the Olympics will be an unforgettable experience. By planning your accommodation, transportation, and activities in advance, you can navigate the city smoothly and enjoy the games to the fullest. Make use of the interactive maps, transport apps, and other resources to ensure your visit is as seamless and enjoyable as possible. Bon voyage!


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