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Top 5 Global Celebrities And Their Channels You Should Know About

If you are looking for the best global celebrity channels then the following article may interest you. Here are five youTube channels of famous celebrities.

Vloggers and social media influencers being the dominant figures in the social media channels have made the competition for celebrities tough.

Although celebrities like Dwyane Johnson, Selena Gomez, Kylie Jenner have many followers on Instagram and Twitter, competing with the video channels is no Joke.

The current time of Vloggers like PewDiePie, Mr. Beast, Kids Diana Show is the dominant figures on Youtube. They have millions of followers who watch their content regularly.

The YouTube channel trend has made some of the most famous global celebrities come over to YouTube and compete with the creators there.

Not all celebrities have what it takes (no offense) to be a Youtuber and have a religious fanbase. However, some have made their way to the top place as celebrity YouTubers.

These celebrities have global channels where they create content for their global fans who love to see them do some funny and interesting stuff.

Will Smith, Ryan Reynolds, Jack Black, Kevin James are some of the names worth mentioning when talking about global celebrity channels.

This article will talk about several global celebrity channels that you as a fan need to check.

Here, Let’s start with Will Smith —

Photo Credit: Pexels

1. Will Smith

Many words such as actor, producer, musician, rapper, action star, comedian, and entertainer come after Wiword, YouTuber. Will is one of the most successful actors with global YouTube channels. ll Smith’s name.

But now, it is time to add one more

He has remained active on YouTube with very engaging and funny content. As a result, his follower base may surpass many serial entrepreneurs.

Sometimes Will is making vlogs, while sometimes, he is sharing his experience sharing the stage with his karate kid Jaden Smith.

Will Smith creates funny content; he also made rap songs with rappers like Joyner Lucas. He is also interacting with other celebrities like Larry David, Liza Koshy.

He is uploading birthday celebrations sometimes, and sometimes he is also making videos of him Bungee jumping and uploading them on Youtube. Recently, he was featured on Mediatakeout Which is one of the most popular celebrity channels in the USA for his oscar awards.

His content is high energy and full of fun. Smith posts content weekly or monthly. Will has 9.82 million subscribers.

2. Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool are two confusing characters. Sometimes Ryan Reynolds makes us think that he is indeed Deadpool in real life. However, Ryan Reynolds has made a solid YouTube fanbase with his dark humor and funny videos.

Ryan is usually goofy and funny in his videos. His channel is full of funny commercials that he shoots for his businesses.

Those commercials become content fans love to see just as a comedy instead of thinking of them as commercials.

Most of the videos are about Ryan promoting his alcohol brand Aviation Gin.

Also, Ryan’s collaboration with Hugh Jackman on YouTube makes fun more intense.

His content is full of cheeky humor that will keep you visiting his channel from time to time.

3. Kevin James

Kevin James has made some of the best sitcoms that you can watch. His work in Kevin Can Wait, The King Of The Queensis known to many fans.

Kevin James has also worked in movies like Paul Blart: Mall Cop 1 & 2, Grown Ups 1 & 2, Hotel Transylvania franchise, and Hitch.

But, Kevin has made himself a weird and funny YouTube channel full of fun and humorous content that he regularly uploads.

His humorous content is surprisingly not shot comedically.

Kevin spending his birthday by himself, misreading a hand wave, or waiting for a green light are some of the funniest content he has produced. But, also, some content is full of melancholy.

4. Jack Black

Jack Black is an immensely talented actor, singer, performer, comedian and has a tremendously attractive screen presence.

Recently, Jack has focused on his Youtube channel, where he makes attractive content related to video games. Jack uploaded Youtube videos of his gameplays. He plays the latest games and also makes videos about new games.

Although celebrity gossips and rumors are no new things, Jack once claimed that he would retire from making films and concentrate fully on his Youtube channel.

Content on his channel is good, but not seeing him in movies anymore may make many fans upset if such rumors are true.

5. Jenna Dewan

Jenna had several career changes. Jenna later became an actress and TV personality, starting as a backup dancer. Her several career changes explain how easily Jenna fits into the YouTube ecosystem.

Her channel is about tips, dance tutorials, hair care products, Q&A sessions, and advice about personal development.

Lately, she has been less consistent about her videos (probably because of her TV series shooting). But Jenna used to publish a video every two weeks.


Aside from many fashion designers, dancers, health channels, and make-up tutorial channels, some celebrities have made a healthy fanbase on YouTube. Kylie Jenner, Madelaine Petsch, Adam Savage are some more celebrities who are active and famous on YouTube.

Do you already follow these global celebrity channels? If not, you can go ahead and do so. All these celebrities have some interesting channels to check out. Please let us know what you think about these channels.

Header Photo Credit: Pexels


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