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The Six Must-Have Women’s Felt Hats for Summer 2022

Summer is here, and it’s time to start thinking about what you will wear during the warmest months of the year. A felt hat can be a great way to keep cool when the temperature soars, and it can also serve a more important role than just looking good. There is a wide variety of these hats, especially for women, so you can wear them with any outfit or match any color scheme you have in mind. You are sure to find a hat that matches your style and can brighten up any day!

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With the wide range of these women’s felt hat styles on the market, choosing which one will look best on you can be challenging. These hats come in various shapes and sizes, but some of them look better than others. You may want to find a design that matches your style so you can decide which one or two felt hats would be best for you. Some people want a unique style to stand out from the crowd and feel good while wearing it.

Others seek something more casual, more comfortable. From the latest fashion trends to classic styles, felt hats have something for everyone. Here are the six must-have women’s felt hats for summer 2022.

Hudanhuwei Felt Hat

The Hudanhuwei Felt Hat is a fashion accessory that people will notice and compliment you on. It’s very versatile in that it can be matched with just about anything from business clothing to casual summer outfits. This felt hat has a classic look that is sure to blow you away, and the most fantastic thing about it is how great it looks on anyone who wears it. The colors are vibrant, making this hat stand out against other styles of felt hats on the market.

Einskey Felt Hat

The Einskey Felt Hat is a classic round variety that will suit any woman’s style. The best thing about this design is that it comes in eight different colors to match your wardrobe and get the right headband color you need. The crown of the hat measures in at 5 inches while the brim is 4 inches wide, so you will be able to shade your face from the sun’s harmful rays. Einskey is one of the best black felt hat womens in the market.

Furtak Felt Hat

The Furtalk Felt Hat is a hat that requires little to no maintenance, and it’s pleasantly focused on the outdoors. It is made from 100% Australian wool, which feels soft against your skin and gets better with each washing. The colors are all natural, so they look great with any outfit you decide to wear, while they can also be matched to your style. This hat will keep you cool during the summer months and look great for any other day of the year.

Jinsha Felt Hat

The Jinsha Felt Hat is an excellent addition to the collection of felt hats available for women because it is a fashionable accessory that you can use for work or pleasure. The overall design has two-tone colors with a slight gradient effect, and it can be worn with an assortment of different casual and formal outfits. So whether you are a woman in business or want something more relaxed, this hat will be perfect for any occasion!

Photo Credit: Pexels

Zertrue Felt Hat

The Zertrue Felt Hat has a satin lining, so it can be worn comfortably throughout the day, even if you are in an active setting. This hat is made from 100% cotton, and it has semi-clear vinyl that brings out the color of the felt while also helping to keep you cool in the summer heat. One of the best features of this accessory is that it comes in five different colors with various options, so you can choose to match it to your outfit or wear it for any other reason.

Besoogii Felt Hat

The Boogie Felt Hat has a wide woven belt that keeps it in place and gives it a more traditional style. The color of the brim is matched to the color of the hat’s belt, and the rest of the felt is made of 100% wool, so it’s an excellent accessory for women who like to dress up. The accessory comes in brown and black, as well as five different colors, so you can find one that matches your style. This hat is perfect for any summer outing, as well as for other occasions.

Photo Credit: Pexels

Felt hats for women are a great way to provide sun protection and a fashionable accessory that you can wear to work or play. These six hats are great examples of what is available in the market, but if they don’t suit your style, there are plenty of others so you too can be looking great! This summer, you can find the right hat for your style so you can look and feel beautiful.


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