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Four French artists in San Diego share their experience of being between two continents

French-born artists Geraldine Vergnet, Corinne Cotereau, Aymerick Rondeau and Pierre Bounaud made the life-changing journey of relocating to California. In their collaborative art exhibition Entre Deux, at The Studio Door gallery in San Diego, they share their experience of an existence split between two continents. New roots are growing. A new path is forged.

The exhibition is from October 4 to October 29, 2022 with an opening reception on October 15, 5-8 PM where the public will meet the artists and discover artworks made of clay, encaustic artwork, and mid-century wood furniture that is carefully curated by the artists.

They shared with us about their inspiration and artistic process.

Pierre Bounaud, ceramic artist

Pierre Bounaud

Pierre Bounaud, ceramic artist

He explores the world of ceramics through the lens of science. “Experiments, technology, research feed my creative process. The approach is to understand the material and to discover new territories for inspiration. In Entre Deux, a lump of clay is transformed into open geometric structures that play with light and shadows. The lightness of clay is revealed,” he explains.

Corinne Cotereau

Corinne Cotereau

Corinne Cotereau, encaustic painter

Entre Deux is about exploring what is hidden and what is in there. The dichotomy between unconsciousness and consciousness. With colors and textures, I investigate, mend or revisit my feelings using only natural materials. The fine edge between what we are made of, what we truly are and what we show to the world is also a source of creativity,” shares the artist.

Aymerick Rondeau

Aymerick Rondeau

Aymerick Rondeau, wood craftsman

With an avid passion for mid-century modern wood furniture, the artist explains that “worn, broken-down designer furniture from Europe is a constant source of inspiration. Beyond the wear and tear, I see a story that needs to be told. Patiently, with hard work and a steady knowledge of European designs, I give a new life into each piece.”

Geraldine Vergnet

Geraldine Vergnet, ceramic artist

She started to work with clay in France in 2007. “I draw inspiration from fleeting memories: recited poems, snapshots never taken, fragments of life, atmospheres. These intangibles shape us and influence our current being,” says the artist. The journey is kindled by fire, transforming clay into stone, uncovering shapes that the eye can delicately caress. Each piece is a resurgent memory.

The Studio Door

3867 Fourth Avenue, San Diego, CA 92103.

Open Tuesday-Saturday, 12-7 PM or by appointment.

All photos by courtesy of the artists


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