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Fontainebleau’s Grand Opening: A Star-Studded Affair Marked by Glitz and Glamour

After over a decade on the Las Vegas skyline, the long-anticipated Fontainebleau resort celebrated its grand opening with a spectacle of stars, parties, and a touch of international flair. The 67-story, $3.7 billion resort welcomed guests for its first big event, hosted in the Urs Fischer Gallery, following a vibrant ribbon-cutting ceremony featuring Chinese dragon dancers.

Fontainebleau Development CEO Jeffrey Soffer, a key figure in the resort’s resurrection, took center stage alongside 18 contributors, setting the tone for a night of festivities. Notable attendees included Tom Brady, Cher, Alice Cooper, Bryan Cranston, and Aaron Paul, adding glitz to the grand opening party.

The resort’s rapid development, completed in less than three years, defied industry norms for a project of such magnitude. Soffer acknowledged the exceptional efforts of the development team, emphasizing the significance of their achievement in record time.

Fontainebleau, a $3.7 billion vision conceptualized by Soffer in 2005, faced setbacks during the economic downturn in 2009. After changing ownership, bankruptcy, and multiple visions, the resort’s completion became a reality in 2021, with partners in Koch Real Estate Investments joining forces.

Room rates at Fontainebleau vary widely, with midweek rates starting at $160 and weekend rates around $400. The resort boasts 3,644 rooms, 36 food and beverage outlets, a 55,000-square-foot Lapis Spa, and 550,000 square feet of convention and meeting space.

The grand opening’s ribbon-cutting ceremony, staged beneath the shadow of Urs Fischer’s impressive “Lovers #3” sculpture, symbolized the convergence of Fontainebleau’s legacy with the dynamism of the Las Vegas Strip. Fontainebleau President Mark Tricano expressed gratitude and emphasized the resort’s commitment to excellence.

Fontainebleau’s unique workplace culture, featuring details like bow ties scattered throughout the resort as a nod to its Miami architect Morris Lapidus, highlights the commitment to finer details that resonate with discerning customers.

The resort’s integration of art and design, showcased through sculptures like “Lovers #3,” mirrors its Miami counterpart’s aesthetic. The lobby bar, named Collins, and replicated eateries pay homage to Miami’s charm.

Fontainebleau’s opening is expected to invigorate the north Strip, bringing competition with Resorts World. As Fontainebleau writes a new chapter in Las Vegas’ hospitality landscape, its blend of luxury, entertainment, and attention to detail promises a captivating experience for visitors from around the world. The star-studded grand opening heralds a new era for Fontainebleau, adding a chapter to the storied history of the Las Vegas Strip.

Sources : McKenna Ross from Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Header Photo Credit: Image by katemangostar on Freepik


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