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Famous French Colleges & Universities Where Movies Were Filmed

Many people who are keen on watching movies in their free time also love to watch behind-the-scenes videos. They would like to know more about how the movies they watch are made, what specialists this process involves, how the idea of a future movie is created and developed, etc. That’s why a lot of young and creative people want to study cinema art from scratch. France is known as a hearth of the best filmmaking schools, where thousands of students from different points of the world come to learn how to make movies and watch the process of creating a film alive.

Therefore, we are going to discuss what attracts students the most in the French film schools and which educational programs are supposed to be the best in the country.

Benefits of studying in film schools in France

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Cultural diversity

French schools where students can learn how to film and actually film the movies are known for wide cultural diversity. Foremost, French film schools are available for students from different countries, so they can change the knowledge and experience they have succeeded to gain before. Also, such filmmaking schools provide learning courses in the cinematography of different nationalities and countries, not only French, surely.

Studying and traveling in one

If you decide to move to France to study filmmaking, it gives you a great opportunity not only to learn the fundamentals of cinematography in the best French colleges where lots of movies were filmed but also to learn about a new culture, travel to the country, and meet various interesting people.

Expanding network with famous filmmakers

Due to reviews from writing service best essays, the famous film schools in France often invite successful directors, producers, scriptwriters, actors, and actresses to hold a lecture in the learning program. Some of these invited guests have been studying at the same film school and can share their experiences on how education has influenced their careers in cinematography. It is an excellent opportunity to meet successful people in your area and talk to them about everything you are curious about.

Famous French filmmaking schools

Further, we would like to highlight the most popular and demanding film schools based on posts from custom writing reviews Trust My Paper where students can learn the basics of filmmaking by choosing different directions and where lots of movies were created, produced, and filmed.

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ESRA is considered to be one of the best filmmaking schools in France, where students can pick among three options — a summer learning course, a one-year education program, and a three-year education program with advanced features. All professors of this filming school are practicing specialists like directors, producers, second producers, and so on, meaning they provide students with real use cases and practical knowledge that will come in handy in their future career development. Many students from all over the world move to France to attend this popular film school that provides internships and training in the process of filmmaking.


This film school is known for its high probability of students being employed after graduating from a learning course. The educational establishment provides a scalable learning program that includes filmmaking, photography, and sound engineering — the three of the main components required to make a movie. Students get the opportunity to meet famous directors and industry-related professionals who share unique experiences from their work and also can offer them internships after finishing the course. Such internships are a great booster for filmmakers-beginners who don’t feel very confident in the area.


This French film school offers quite a short but scalable learning program that dilutes into different directions required for stage management during making a movie. Cinestudio provides future-proof careers that will be in high demand in cinematography for a long time. The main differentiator of this filmmaking school is that it gives students the freedom of choice, which means they can study offline at the college as well as have online courses with the same quality of teaching, knowledge, skills, and certificates. So students don’t even have to leave their homes to receive a high-grade filmmaking education.


Well, this filmmaking facility is supposed to be on top of all lists if we talk about film education in France. This film school has a long and old story that started more than thirty years ago. It is known for its top-notch learning course which converts regular students into real professionals in the cinema industry in different specializations. The school teachers believe that each student is gifted, but they need to grow and sharpen their talent and skills to become excellent at making films. Each learning course is created according to the specifics of a certain filmmaking direction to provide students with maximum valuable information and use cases.

To end up

As you see, film schools often become the places where movies are filmed in the process of education or internship programs. Some of them are produced by real directors to teach students, and others are produced by students as a result of their creative learning projects.

Header Photo Credit: Pexels.


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