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#Visitonsnosgaleries and (re)discover St Germain des Prés

Galerie Bettina Paris

Saint-Germain-des-Prés is the historic Parisian district of arts and culture. Alongside the Academy of Fine Arts, you can discover more than sixty galleries and dealers offering works ranging from the primary arts (Aborigène Galerie, Bernard Dulon gallery), to modern art (Zlotowski, galerie des modernes) or contemporary (Georges-Philippe et Nathalie Vallois gallery, Berthet-Aittouares gallery, Bettina Gallery or gallery Roy Sfeir).

Galerie des Modernes

Galerie Frederic Got – artwork by Gonzalez Bravo

In June 2020, the neighborhood’s galleries united to launch a joint action under the name #VisitonsNosGaleries. A year later, the action continues with a new edition which took place from June 3-6 and the next which is scheduled for October 7-10. To stay informed, we recommend that you follow the Instagram account @visitonsnosgaleries

If you are lucky enough to be in Paris, we invite you to go for a stroll in this superb district which runs along the Seine and stretches from rue du Bac to rue St André des Arts. You will be able to appreciate renowned works like Sonia Delaunay at the gallery Zlotowski and maybe fell in love with a contemporary artist like the French pop artist Joseph at the Roy Sfeir gallery?

artwork by French artist Joseph

Galerie Roy Sfeir Paris

Galerie Roy Sfeir – artwork by Joseph

Spotlight on a few exhibitions by women artists

Sonia Delaunay – gallery Zlotowski- 20 rue de Seine

Three women in color: Vera Molnar, Marie-Claude Bugeaud, Anne Ferrer – Berthet-Aittouares gallery 14 and 29 rue de Seine

Monique Frydman – Dukto gallery 11 rue Bonaparte

Michelle Ballion at the Bettina gallery – 2 rue Bonaparte

Jacqueline Pavlowsky – Galerie Hervé Courtaigne 53 rue de Seine

Olivia Lavergne – Galerie Insula 24 rue des Grands Augustins

Nathalie Tacheau – Galerie Segolene Brossette 15 rue Guénégaud

Sonia Delaunay – Galerie Zlotowski

Three women in color – Berthet-Aittouares gallery

Michelle Ballion Galerie Bettina Paris

all photos by Laurence de Valmy


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