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Meet me at the Café! An Interview with David Gazzano of Le Café Du Val (Café Du Vegas)

When evoking the French culture, many things spring to mind: fine fashion, perfumes and sophistication, French singer Edith Piaf, French designer Coco Chanel, Godard films, delicious macarons, poetry, and the understated elegance of everyday life. Case in point, the café. Nothing speaks of the culture of the French like a leisurely morning and afternoon spent with a fresh copy of the paper, a buttery croissant, a freshly sliced baguette, and a side of local preserves, espresso, and an open book or lengthy conversation.  When visiting the Le Café Du Val (Café du Vegas), you will be privy to all of these. Located in the Southwest of Henderson, Le Café Du Val is the charm of another world: pastel shades, crystal chandeliers, olive-shaded sattes and a palette of colors that would make Auguste Renoir jealous.  

Header Photo Credit: Chef David Gazzano by Café du Val (Café du Vegas) Collections.

Meet the owners, Carmen Barbur and chef David Gazzano. Photo Credit: French Quarter Magazine.

French Quarter Magazine was fortunate to recently sit down with owner and chef David Gazzano.

Good afternoon David! It’s such a pleasure to sit down with you today. I must say, you have a very attractive establishment. What was the inspiration for your distinctive atmosphere and look?

We were inspired from a French Café in Paris, and I feel that three elements are important for our success to date: food quality, service, and ambiance.

Where in France do you come from?

I have lived in Nice – that’s where I’m from – in the French Riviera. My family and my grandparents had a couple of businesses in the region such as a French Cafe and restaurants, which lead us to want to open our own business. That’s where I got my inspiration!

What brought you to this location?

We opened our first café in Lake Las Vegas four years ago. Previously, we started to look around and found a different range of potential dining options, but we didn’t see any exciting locations fitting our expectations so we decided to open a French Café.

How do you merge the Cafe Culture of France in America?

We get inspired when going to various eateries in California. We have learned to understand what the clientele is looking for. We definitely have strong French DNA when it comes to food and cuisine, but we try to be a crowd-pleaser when it comes to offering food such as avocado toast, galettes, a selection of quiches, crab & egg benedict, croque-monsieur and all sorts of delicious baked and French goodies.

Photos Credits: Café du Val (Café du Vegas)

Photos Credits: Café du Val (Café du Vegas)

Photos Credits: Café du Val (Café du Vegas)

What sets Le Café Du Val apart from the rest of the fold? In a city known for internationally-cuisine as Las Vegas what would make someone choose an establishment like Le Café Du Val in lieu of another place?

After being settled in Las Vegas for 17 years, I found it was actually time to promote our business to the neighborhood, not that we wanted to compete on the Strip for delicious French meal that we can find there. We decided and looked to serve to our Las Vegas and Henderson neighborhood instead, with Le Café du Lac and Café du Val.

Photos Credits: Café du Val (Café du Vegas) and French Quarter Magazine.

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