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Madonna & Beyoncé concert art director Kathy Lajvardi debuts new art on feminine power in Lagun

Artist Kathy Lajvardi announces the launch of her empowering series of works “Unbreakable Queens” & “Unstoppable”  born from her influential life experiences and Iranian heritage. The works will be touring Southern California which has started on January 7, 2023 at Grace Galleries in Laguna Beach and at private showings.

Artist Kathy Lajvardi

The six empowering pieces are inspired by the female-led revolution happening now in Iran. They bring together years of creative motion design experience, concert graphics for Madonna and Beyoncé, her training at the prestigious Otis School of Art & Design, and deep reflection on her life as an Iranian-born woman growing up in Los Angeles who was influenced by music and culture.

Lajvardi’s time in concert graphics inspired her to meld music with her art. “With this series, I’m telling a story of empowerment, of strength, of breaking through struggle from my point of view as an artist and as a woman,” Lajvardi says.

Lajvardi’s four-part portrait series, “Unbreakable Queens,” recounts the impact Madonna, Janet Jackson, Beyoncé and the iconic Iranian singer Googoosh had on the artist throughout her life. “Each of these women broke through barriers and personal struggles beyond their art. Their drive and desire to win is very powerful and I drew inspiration from them at various stages of my life,” says the artist.

Unbreakable Queens by Artist Kathy Lajvardi

Lajvardi and her family endured the revolution in Iran in the late ’70s before moving to Los Angeles; the recent atrocities happening in her homeland weigh heavily on her. “I’ve been a part of the protests in Los Angeles and Orange County, going with busloads of other Iranians. I felt the energy of the people. An energy not of despair but of resolve.”

Unstoppable by Artist Kathy Lajvardi

Lajvardi harnessed this energy in two special mixed-media on wood pieces called “Unstoppable.” These works beautifully combine symbolic elements that represent the heart, soul and energy of the Iranian people, from the Lion to the national flower, all draped in the battle cry of “women, life, freedom.”

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